I'm a Peer Support Specialist


At Bridgehaven Mental Health Services

I help people living with severe and persistent mental illness cope with their symptoms and find recovery.  I myself have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  Recovery is a journey, not a destination, and those who find themselves travelling it enjoy reaching out to others and helping them find their way.  Everyone is unique, yet we can all understand one another, because at some level we are all the same.   


I teach groups and conduct individual sessions

The groups are creative, fun and therapeutic.  The individual sessions are highly personalized and empowering.  I build on members' interests and strengths and help them create their own healing. 


Open Mic Coffeehouse Events

Once a season (four times a year) I lead an Open Mic Coffeehouse at Bridgehaven.  Members and staff share the gifts of their poetry, prose and songs.  Heine Brothers donates coffee and Bridgehaven provides tea and a dessert.  There are door prizes too!  

For more information...

If you would like to learn more about Bridgehaven and what we do...Check out our website or call us at 502-585-9444.