The MUSE Creative Writing Group

Meeting date once a month. Time & Date To Be Determined

Heine Brothers Coffee
2200 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, Kentucky 40205
(502) 515-0380

Bring pen and paper, as there will be a fun timed writing exercise. Don't forget to bring something you wrote during the week as well. Hope to see ya'll there! Can't wait!
New Rules for the Muse!
1. Be positive. When critiquing another’s work or your own, it is important to remain upbeat and positive. If there is something you think could be improved about someone’s poem or story, couch your constructive criticism between two things you did like about their work. Your comment should sound like: Praise, Suggestion for Improvement, Praise.

2. If you are not happy with the way the session is going, do not make comments about this to the facilitator during the meeting. Simply excuse yourself and bow out or go along and try to enjoy it the best you can. If you must comment about the style of leadership, please do so after the session is over. The facilitator/leader will make adjustments as deemed necessary to future meetings.

3. This writing group is for you to enjoy and hone your writing skills. If you do not like the timed writing assignment, feel free to write on whatever topic you wish, within reason.

4. Stay focused and on topic. Do not fiddle noisily with pens, pencil, paper or other items. If you have brought something to read to the group, do not read longer than 5 minutes. I will hold up one finger when you have one minute remaining.

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