<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Robin's Blog</TITLE> <BODY BGCOLOR="silver"> <H1><Font color="purple" size=9><center>....Bunny and the Blog</center> </font> <style type="text/css"> a:link {text-decoration: underline; color: purple;} a:visited {text-decoration: underline; color: purple;} a:active {text-decoration: underline; color: blue;} a:hover {text-decoration: underline; color: blue;} </style></h1> </HEAD> <p> <p> <p> <div style="background-image: url(/image/pa013.gif); border:10px solid purple; padding:40px;"> <Font size=4 color="black"> Hey everyone, I've decided to do a blog. I'm kind of new at this, so bear with me. I think it will be fun. If you have a comment you want to post, just email it to me at rgale@iglou.com and I will put it up there for ya if I like it ;)<br><br> I've been having some interesting thoughts and as always, an interesting life. It's hard to sum it all up or decide which parts to include. But I will just put some of my thoughts down. By the way, this blog will not always be about Bunny! My interests are as wide and varied as the colors in a big box of Crayola crayons, or something...<br><br> <center><img src="/image/bunnyb.jpg" height="200" width="250"></center> July 28, 2007 <br><br> Bunny is a spiritual being having a feline experience. She is very in tune with my moods, and she loves to snuggle, purr, and eat my hair. As you can see, she also loves to pose as a furry, vulnerable statue in the middle of the living room rug. But looks can be deceiving. Although she is baring her belly to you, if you try to touch it she will become a Venus Human Trap. <br><br>BTW, don't you think universal health care should include pets? (to promote the humans-only for now cause, sign the petition for HR 676 at <a href="http://www.healthcare-now.org">healthcare-now.org</a>) Vet visits can be so darn expensive! And that little girl has such a sensitive tummy! I've been having to change her diet due to some behavior issues (i.e. waking me up at 7am for wet food--come on guys, 7am is awfully early ;) Now things aren't coming out quite the way they were meant to if you get my gist.<br><br> Another thing about Bunny: she is pretty much a one woman cat. I am the only one she allows to pick her up. But of course, who can blame her, she must be madly, passionately in love with me :) I will share more about Bunny, life and the universe sometime soon. I'd love to hear from you all! </font> </div> <div style="background-color:CCFFCC; border:10px solid purple; padding:40px;"> <Font size=4 color="black"> August 1, 2007<br><br> "Ponderings of a Silly Girl"<br><br> Stop trying to rescue his soul<br> Stop trying to capture his heart<br> His soul is safe<br> His heart is yours<br> There is nothing to fear<br><br> Don't worry about change<br> Just make sure to have some in your pocket<br><br> Believe in rainbows<br> And they just might color your dreams<br><br> Life is eternally changing<br> Change is the only constant<br> Change for the better<br><br> Stop trying to make more ice cream<br> And eat the scoop in front of you before it melts all over your shirt<br><br> If you see a donut rolling down a hill<br> Do nut chase after it.<br><br> If you see the spoke of a wheel<br> Without the wheel<br> It's time you spoke up for once and a wheel<br>(Boo, hiss, you can tell that one was original!)<br><br> There has never been a feathered friend<br> With fur<br><br> Every barn has its hay<br> Every goddess has her way<br> Every Spring has its May<br> Every dock has its bay<br> Every knot has its fray<br> Every actor has his play<br> Every blue has its jay<br> Every town has its Mary Kay<br> Every Yay has its Nay<br> Every job (hopefully) has its pay<br> Every sun has its ray<br> Every hostess has her tray<br> Were you just waiting for me to say<br> Every dog has its day?<br> What the heck does that mean anyway?<br> I'm not good at idioms, is that what you say?<br> I think it's time for bed<br> Maybe tonight I'll pray<br> Dear God,<br> Please explain to me<br> What it means that every dog has its day.<br><br></font> <center> </div> </body> </HTML>